Predjama Castle is located in the vicinity of the Postojna Cave and is the largest cave castle in the world. For over 800 years it has been guarding a rock face, 123 metres high. Mysterious underground tunnels connect it with the cave directly beneath.

The castle, which has also been a film location, offered refuge to its legendary owner Erazem Predjamski in the 15th century. This robber knight resisted a siege for over a year in his castle with its incredible appearance and location. Visitors can take a bus between the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle in order to see both of these attractions.

Knight tournaments and medieval days

Every summer, Predjama Castle is the location of Erazem’s Knight Tournament, in which knights, archers, swordsmen, and horsemen show their fighting abilities and the historic way of life at a knight’s encampment. Medieval days, markets, and camps are also organised by many other Slovenian towns with castles.